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Ashtar Tashi believes that we all possess the potential to shine but when covered for years with the grime of unresolved trauma, daily stresses and emotional and physical challenges we are unable to see our true light. Our purpose is to do our best but we get caught up in the mundane task of existing and stop living in the truest sense of the word. So Ashtar decided to write a book, which is titled KEEP SHINING! Find Your Happiness Quotient.

This book endeavors to help readers across the world find answers to the most pertinent questions of life. Though many philosophers, thinkers and gurus alike, have spoken about all of these life truths. Ashtar Tashi brings you the same truths from her own life experience. Non-preachy and all humane, these stories and insights that emanate from Ashtar Tashi’s own journey within, touch your soul somewhere.

A fashionista who loves to live life fully, she discovered that one could find happiness and live life in harmony without having to give up on the “pleasures” and “joys” that life offers. Balance is the key.

These stories are personal and have shaped the different concepts that have been collated for interesting reading. This is not a self-help book. All the truths lie inside of us already. We know it all. Through the book, Ashtar Tashi invites the reader to walk with her, and together find the paths that lead us back home—to our real destination.

The book KEEP SHINING! Find Your Happiness Quotient is available in kindle, soft cover and hardcover on Amazon and can be personally ordered with Ashtar Tashi and has been very well accepted by people.

Ashtar Tashi is currently writing her next two books: GodeSSpeak (a collection of insights and soulful poems) and Life Lessons on Piggyback which is a book for young minds which aims at helping them explore concepts of God, Who Am I, Grief, Guilt, Anger and many other topics. Tashi believes that in today’s world youngsters have many pertinent questions but no one has the time or the inclination to answer them with patience and empathy. This book will fill that gap.

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