Mass engagement sessions

Her most recent retreats have been curated for The ITC Grand Bharat Luxury Resort in Manesar (in the outskirts of Delhi). She was invited specially for a 10 day program as a Visiting Master to offer sessions in Soul Purpose Readings, Chakra Work, Crystal Therapy and Soul Mediumship to the guests of the resort and outside visitors alike.

Ashtar Tashi has curated and facilitated a three- day retreat for the Hilton Group of Hotels at their forest resort property in Shillim (a hillside forest location about 2 hours from Mumbai) It was called ESSENCE OF SHILLIM WITH ASHTAR TASHI. This was a grand success as well. With 20 participants including the media, the 3-day retreat had a unique concept of all activities with the purpose of relaxation as well as spiritual enhancement.

Ashtar Tashi has now finalized a retreat for the prestigious ITC group of Hotels offering 1and a half-day staycations/ wellness retreats. Starting with the very sought after property of ITC Grand Chola in the city of Chennai in Sept 2018, as a Visiting Master, Ashtar Tashi is in the process of curating similar retreats for the other city based properties of this prestigious group of hotels. This gives an opportunity to the busy city dwellers to get away from their stressful daily lives and enjoy a dose of pampering and self care in an ambience of luxury, with the underlined theme of complete wellness of and body and spirit.

Ashtar Tashi is now the Visiting Master and Curator of Wellness Retreats at the well-known spa resort, Naad Wellness, in Kundli in the outskirts of New Delhi. She is invited there for a week, every month, to lead The Healing Series, a special program for their guests. These series include her meditations, Chakra Work, Special sessions of Art Therapy, Crystal Therapy and much more.


Mass engagement sessions

Ashtar Tashi has been a well-known speaker for many Rotary Clubs, WIN , Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, led by the renowned Breast Oncologist Dr. Anand Koppikar, Woman TV(a platform for women empowerment) and other such organizations. Her valuable & inspiring insights on “Spirituality is a Lifestyle” are really appreciated by listeners everywhere.

Tashi has been the sole speaker at the “CENTRUM BANK presents ASHTAR TASHI” event in the recent past. Here she spoke to an audience of 200 people who were the special invitees for this program. The topic of the talk was INVESTING IN YOUR SOUL WEALTH. It was very well received.

Ashtar Tashi has recently been a panelist/speaker at the recently held BWBusinessworld Women Entrepreneur Summit & Awards in New Delhi. She shared her views on the topic of “Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face at their Workplace”. The other panelists included well-known women entrepreneurs such as Ms. Fauzia Khan, V.P Film Audit, Spatial Access, Ms. Aaira Kaur, CEO, Canvilicious Marketing Services, Ms. Kanika Gupta Shori, Founder & COO Square Yards & Ms. Gurleen Saraon, Alliance Director, Sitecore India.


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ASHTAR TASHI is prominent on the social media platform via her Facebook Page and her Instagram handle.

Ashtar Tashi records weekly videos of the Goddess Guidance Readings to share with all her followers. These videos are a 3-card reading with a universal message to give guidance on issues like love life, career, health and spiritual growth for her followers. Besides being available to watch on her personal social media platform, the well-known fashion and lifestyle magazine ELLE carries these videos on their online platform and are extremely popular with their readers. Ashtar Tashi also shares a monthly article on a Goddess Reading for all sun signs on the Elle online platform. This is a zodiac reading using the Goddess Oracle Cards.

ASHTAR TASHI’s website www.ashtartashi.com is a well designed forum for all to visit and know more about her work and how she can help those who are seeking guidance. The website not only shows the various Goddess Forecast Videos that Tashi records every week but also have sections with free audio and video meditations, information about crystals and chakras and much more. The website also carries written and video testimonials from many clients who have benefited from their association with her.

A new venture by the name Ashtar Tashi Radio is also in the pipeline.

Ashtar Tashi has been featured in various media by way of interviews etc. This includes Online Magazines like: ESheWorld, Live Mint Lounge . Online TV Channel: WomanTVindia, Radio Channel: Radio One Pune (94.3FM) etc.


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