Closer to the Stars

From being a well-known fashionista to finding & following her true soul mission, Ashtar Tashi has come a long way.

Almost 15 years ago, she started receiving spiritual insights from divine realms. This brought about great changes in her life. Tashi realized through her own experience that one’s life is like a boat without oars, when one is unaware of their soul purpose.

This led her to guide and help people find their mission in life. Ashtar Tashi helps you understand Karmic challenges and potential strengths that are always within each one of us. She believes in empowering people.

Through the various kinds of sessions that Ashtar Tashi facilitates, people are able to overcome their fears, addictions, and disease to lead lives that are healthier, in Mind, Body and Spirit

Ashtar Tashi is blessed with a heart that is compassionate and she listens to each person with patience. She offers practical, easy-to-follow advice and holds each person’s hand till they feel confident enough to cross over their problem and are strong enough to walk on their own. Without being preachy and sitting on a pedestal, Ashtar Tashi speaks your language. Her desire to serve the Universe and her faith in a higher power and in humanity has blessed her with a unique quality of empathy & unconditional love that she shares with all.

Being blessed with gifts of intuition and High Powered Energy Consciousness, Ashtar Tashi channels messages and guidance through personal sessions using Goddess Oracle Cards, Angel Messages, Channeled Affirmations, High Level Energy Healing, Chakra Work, Meditations, and Crystal Therapy & Soul Mediumship etc.

Ashtar brings succor to souls and hearts that need healing. She travels the world, to meet people from all walks of life and offer them sessions. Be it individuals or corporate teams, she knows the rhythm of the soul as soon as she meets anyone. Through her one-on-one and group sessions, Tashi helps heal the heart, mind, body and spirit.

In Tashi’s own words… “There is no one as special as you. You are the true embodiment of your Creator. All you need to do is remember this truth and live it. All you need to feel is Self Empowered and I would be honored to help you reach this goal”


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