Closer to the Stars

From being a well-known fashionista to finding & following her true soul mission, Ashtar Tashi has come a long way.
Almost 15 years ago, she started receiving spiritual insights from divine realms. This brought about great changes in her life. Tashi realized through her own experience that one’s life is like a boat without oars, when one is unaware of their soul purpose.
This led her to guide and help people find their mission in life. Ashtar Tashi helps you understand Karmic challenges and potential strengths that are always within each one of us. She believes in empowering people.
Through the various kinds of sessions that Ashtar Tashi facilitates, people are able to overcome their fears, addictions, and disease to lead lives that are healthier, in Mind, Body and Spirit.


Understand the different mediums of energy work

With a strong belief that healing of the Mind, Body and
Spirit can happen when one is willing and open.

Ashtar Tashi encourages people to understand their own inner
power that can help them heal at all levels.


Ashtar Tashi offers various types of guided meditations to clients who come to her for relief in stress management sessions.

These include meditations for: GROUNDING AND PROTECTION to begin with. Also meditations for issues such as INNER CHILD HEALING (for problems emanating from the womb stage to adulthood), CUTTING CORDS (from emotional issues), MANIFESTING DESIRES (of abundance in material wealth, love relationships, good health, career etc.) and many more.

These Meditation Sessions are curated and facilitated for individuals, couples, parents, families and also corporates and professionals.

Chakra Work

Most people though suffering from varied problems of the mind, body and spirit, unfortunately do not understand the power and potential of the Chakras in our lives. Many have heard about Chakras but are unable see the connect between the health of chakras with that of the physical body and the repercussions of imbalance in chakras, that lead to manifestation of dis-ease in the body or even the mind and the spirit.

This confusion and ignorance leads to a convoluted effort at release of energies through unhealthy practices and eventually more damage in the long run.

Ashtar Tashi facilitates sessions on CHAKRA WORK to people who seek healing for overall wellness. These sessions are offered to individuals and groups too. CHAKRA HEALING SESSIONS are extremely beneficial when done in a series of more than one session. The health of the Chakras is first determined through pendulum assessment. After which Ashtar takes the client through an intuitively guided deep meditation. The person experiences a healing trance and goes through a complete cathartic cleansing and balancing of all Chakras. The

Crystal Therapy

Since crystals grow in the womb of Mother Earth, their connectivity with the human spirit is the most therapeutic. Therefore humans (and even animals) respond amazingly well to sessions of CRYSTAL HEALING THERAPIES. Crystals hold within them energies of the universe, hence the healing powers as well that resonate with the mind body and spirit.

Crystals create a vortex of energies that works on a person’s Chakric Body and clears out the debris of long forgotten pain, trauma and physical dis-ease. The power of healing within the crystals helps open and re-align the chakras. This leads to effective cleansing and healing of ailments in people under treatment.

Ashtar Tashi facilitates CRYSTAL THERAPY SESSIONS that create an environment of complete health for a person undergoing the treatment.

The mental, physical and spiritual bodies experience healing on a deep level. Blockages created by years or even lifetimes of personal abuse, anger, fear, anxieties and lack of self-love are all possible to be healed through these sessions that are curated by Ashtar Tashi.

Energetically programmed, good quality crystals are used which are cleansed for the person’s specific needs hence working effectively with excellent results. These sessions need to be done for short durations but repeated over time so as to keep assessing the progress of the healing process of the individual.

Soul Purpose Reading

Humanity must understand that we have all come on earth as souls who wish to have a human experience. And not the other way around. Humans get trapped in the cage of ignorance and live to believe that they are immortal and invincible. They forget that they are here to fulfill a purpose of learning and for the soul to move to the next level of its evolution. Sadly, for this forgetfulness we humans often have to pay a heavy price. The price of experiencing pain, fear, anxieties, unhealthy relationships, financial challenges, dis-ease and much more.

The solution to this dilemma is clearly to know what is our Soul’s Purpose and what direction we need to walk on, to stop repeating patterns and creating more damage for the soul and for our very existence on earth in this incarnation.

Ashtar Tashi facilitates very unique personal sessions of SOUL PURPOSE READINGS for people seeking their true direction and path for this lifetime. Through understanding the nature of their soul and the lessons the individual has chosen this birth for, Tashi helps them understand their true nature, personality traits and above all the solutions for repairing the damage done till date. The answers in the session reveal the real reason and then the changes that the client needs to bring about in one’s understanding of self. The true potential and karmic challenges that one has been born with and how to use the former to their best advantage and create balance and healing in the latter is what these sessions are about.

These SOUL PURPOSE READING SESSIONS are extremely popular with people of all ages and genders and serve as a bible for them to understand why they keep repeating patterns and harm them selves. Clients are made to understand how they can overcome these harmful behaviors hence moving away from darkness and into the light of hope and making ones life more worthwhile and successful in all spheres.

Soul Mediumship

When one loses a dear one it is indeed heart breaking and catastrophic for the family and friends left behind. There are unanswered questions. There is unrequited love, pain, anger and denial. There is emotional pain and a confusion in the mind due to unexpected loss and so many WHY’S.

Loved ones left behind want to look for answers for all of this and wish to sometimes connect “one last time” with the dear one, to have closure and find the strength and faith to move on with their lives since they cannot stop living. Sometimes the family members and close friends feel the “presence” of the spirit of the departed person. This can scare them or confuse them even more. It’s a hard experience to deal with already.

Ashtar Tashi feels blessed to be a channel for souls who wish to communicate with their loved ones left behind on earth, though they themselves have passed on. Hence she is guided to facilitate SOUL MEDIUMSHIP SESSIONS . These are extremely powerful and dynamic sessions wherein the family member(s) and close loved ones, can actually seek answers to unanswered questions from the departed soul. Tashi works as a channel to carry the energies of the spirit and can help with answers and guidance since she is a medium for this healing interaction. These are genuine sessions and not at all gimmicky or anything to be fearful of.

These sessions are held in private and are absolutely confidential like all other sessions facilitated by Ashtar Tashi.

THE SOUL MEDIUMSHIP SESSIONS provide a lot of succor and relief to the families of the departed soul. They also bring about a freedom from guilt, anger and pain, so the loved ones can move on with their lives. These sessions also work as a balm for the spirit itself as it can find its way to the light and still remain as a guiding, loving force in the lives of the ones it has left behind on earth to continue with their life purpose.

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

Lao Tzu


Find Your happiness quotient

This book endeavors to help readers across the world find answers to the most pertinent questions of life. Though many philosophers, thinkers and gurus alike, have spoken about all of these life truths. Ashtar Tashi brings you the same truths from her own life experience. Non-preachy and all humane, these stories and insights that emanate from Ashtar Tashi’s own journey within, touch your soul somewhere.



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