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Each crystal carries healing vibrations deep within itself and the user enjoys these vibrations while working with them. Healing with crystals has been practiced for centuries. Now with much more awareness of one’s spiritual growth and understanding of esoteric methods of healing, crystal energies are being recognized much more.

Communicating with crystals, since more than a decade, Ashtar Tashi is blessed to understand the energies of crystals. She resonates with these beautiful healing “beings of light” and helps heal people who have sought her guidance to transform their lives.

Crystals are effective healers and work in many forms such as, space cleansing agents, healing jewelry, meditation enhancers, energy channels, healing elixirs etc. When crystals help touch base with the energy centers in your body, they “diagnose” the areas where blocks may be hampering the flow of the energy through various meridians. Once these blocks are identified, these crystals then are set to work and start the healing process.

What one requires for the healing to work is immense faith. Since healing with crystals is not the regular modem of healing but an alternative, holistic one, it must be accepted with that mindset as well. When one has the trust in this healing process, the mind, body and spirit entrusts itself to become open and receptive to the healing process. Once the gates of receptivity open, the crystals start to work in a very effective manner and one can see results that benefit on all levels.

  • Sessions for : Crystal Healing Therapy
  • Duration : 1 Hour ( By Appointment Only )
  • Exchange Per Session : Contact Ms. Nupur +91-20-66270812, +91-9833983844
    Email – ea@ashtartashi.com