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When we are out of sync in any of these areas of life, the chakras governing them become imbalanced and that shows up as a symptom of dis-ease that we must become aware of and heal.

CHAKRA WORK is what you need at such times. Ashtar Tashi facilitates special meditations, using Crystal Therapy and Energy Healing that helps bring all energy centers back into balance. The chakras are guided back into good health and one feels in control of the situation again. Chakra Work can be done to aid healing in all types of situations such as physical ailments, mental stress, emotional upheavals and also spiritual confusion. It supports the person’s energies and balances them to become aware of the root cause of the problem and resolve those first. Ashtar Tashi has experienced great results with clients whilst working on their chakras. She suggests that one do Chakra Work regularly to keep these wheels turning correctly and in good healthy condition.

  • The Energy Exchange for Chakra Work :  Contact Ms. Nupur +91-20-66270812, +91-9833983844
    Email – ea@ashtartashi.com
  • Energy Exchange for subsequent sessions if required :  Contact Ms. Nupur +91-20-66270812, +91-9833983844
    Email – ea@ashtartashi.com
  • Duration : One hour. By prior appointment only.