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Maybe we need something more than just O2?

WE NEED O3! What is O3?


O3 are the ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS, offered as an opportunity to every individual who seeks guidance to move forward in one’s life. The cobwebs of the mind do not allow the individual to find its true course and creates darkness in one’s soul. These need to be removed forever. Ashtar Tashi, with the gift of her psychic messages and her pure love-energy embraces the seeker to offer honest, practical easy to follow guidance that leads the person from darkness into light. Light that is blessed with self-confidence and free from fear. The seeker finds truth within oneself and that truth becomes his or her strength to overcome life’s challenges. With no superstitions or dogmas attached, the healing energy that flows through is one of absolute empathy and great understanding.

The message that everyone receives from ASHTAR TASHI is simple and true.

“Know yourself and your own power to heal. You have the potential to create your own beautiful reality. Do not fear change. You never walk alone.”

She promises to hold your hand gently and guide you through the process of transformation and complete healing. You will not become dependent on anyone but instead be empowered. You must become the change you wish to see and experience the joys of becoming the NEW YOU!

Ashtar Tashi offers various services of healing and guidance. All of these are made available to groups as well. Besides Meditations, Chakra Work and Crystal Healing Therapy can also be done by groups of people together. Working in groups has its own advantage of creating a huge connect of mass consciousness. This means that when people meditate, pray or do any kind of energy work together, they create higher levels of positive consciousness and healing for themselves, the group, community and the world as a whole. This may sound a little eclectic but it is the truth!

Ashtar Tashi facilitates Group Sessions for Corporates, Rotary Clubs, Social & Professional Clubs, Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs, Employees and Management, Inspirational Talks for Students and participants of Fashion and Beauty Pageants, Spiritual Sessions for Senior Citizens, etc.

These sessions are facilitated by Ashtar Tashi herself and provide excellent leadership training. Since performance in today’s world is a cut throat challenge, it is essential to maintain one’s dignity, sanity and balance in all situations. Group Sessions with Ashtar Tashi not only provide a holistic advantage to the participants but also give practical guidance to move forward effectively. At work and more importantly, in life.

To know more about how a Group Session with Ashtar Tashi can help you and your teams, please connect with her personally.

Write to tashi@ashtartashi.com or Call +91 98220 32004


  • Sessions : O3 Guidance : PERSONAL / VIDEO MEETING
  • Duration : 1 Hour (By Prior Appointment Only)
  • Energy Exchange Per Session : Contact Ms. Nupur 91-20-66270812, 91-9833983844
    Email – ea@ashtartashi.com