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I met Tashi at a friends dinner and there was a sudden connect. I felt like talking to her which is unlike me as I don’t open up quickly but Tashi made me feel very comfortable and I felt she won’t judge me.  

I took a session with her as I was very low on confidence and felt there is nothing to look forward in life. Life is just going on.  

Tashi’s non judgemental nature touched me the most. Her being upfront on what I should do and not. She didn’t preach on leaving or changing the life style in order to solve the problem.  

My problem was very successfully solved and I moved ahead in life under her guidance of beautiful meditation. She has taught very easy and practical meditation which gives us more results than expected. I can practice on my own very easily.  

I got a lot of answers to my problems and I have the confidence of solving them using Tashi’s way of handling situations through meditation. 

Tashi’s way of guiding ,helping ,teaching, making one understand is very simple and practical. She uses simple way explaining. Tashi has never asked me to alter my life style. I like her way of explaining stuff.  

Yes of course I would recommend her. She has made a remarkable change in my life I would love it that maximum people benefit from her. 





I lost my mother when I was merely six and my sister was 8 and that irrevocably changed the landscape of our lives forever. My sister and I came to terms as we grew up that our innocent and naïve childhood days disappeared overnight. Her death helped us grow up quicker but bitter. We felt like we were in a club that no one would ever want to join. I knew real and grown up pain in the body of a child. I always found myself uncontrollably angry and frustrated if anyone ever spoke about their mum. Until now, even the sight of a mother and middle aged daughter enjoying a meal together or playing with a grandchild moves me to jealous tears. 

My father married within a month and within a year my step brother was born and my sister and I doted on him and loved him totally and unequivocally. Unfortunately, he too died at the age of 16.

I grew up hyper independent, always braced for rejection and rebuke and never asked for help nor ever sought sympathy. Internally, I was depressed and empty. I felt adrift in this world. Even after so many years, my heart still sought answers. My father would not speak up. As I become a mother myself, I became more desperate to know why my mother died, what had happened to her that she took her own life and why did my brother die too.  

My boss knew Ms Ashtar Tashi  as a friend and he urged me to meet her for a session. I was scared and skeptical at first but when I saw her she put me totally at ease with her. As I sat in a chair opposite her, I noticed that there were statues of angels, beautiful crystals, creating a very zen feeling. She asked me for a photograph of my mother and after about a spell, she announced that my mum was there. I was quite overwhelmed and to my utter horror I started crying something which I had not done for a very very long time. She told me that she loved me and my sister very very much. She apologized for leaving me at such a tender age but she was helpless. She was sorry that she did this to our family, and that she wished she could have found a less selfish way to solve her problems; this was the only way she knew. In all of my years of growing up, I never really understood what had happened. I was searching for the answers. I am so grateful to Ashtar Tashi for helping me out. A large part of my struggle with accepting my past and my mother was being unable to understand why she did what she did. I could not comprehend why or what could have prompted my mother to leave small helpless children and die. After I was able to understand why my mom did what she did, I was able to change my perception of her. Ashtar helped me let go of a lifetime of hurt, hatred and confusion, something that I never thought was possible. Communicating with my mom helped me find compassion for her situation. I can’t imagine battling a mental trauma, and holding in so many secrets. She was suffering a lot. I cried for her, and purged all of that toxic, negative energy. I came out on the other side of my mother’s suicide healed and filled with love for my mother. And I know that would not have been the case without my session with Ashtar Tashi. She is exceptionally gifted and clairvoyant and she is, without question, a woman of integrity. I urge anyone who is interested in a mystical reading that will unite you with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. You will find comfort in the fact that you have connected with your loved ones whom you have lost and you will walk away from the session knowing that they are happy and free from all earthly suffering. Ashtar genuinely cares about your feelings and gives an accurate reading.





I had become very lonely & had started feeling inferior. Something was pinching me inside since a few years and that made me very restless which caused unexplained anger . I came across Ashtar Tashi and when I met her for a session she told me about “Soul Purpose”. My problem was I had become bored of my monotonous routine sitting in the house doing nothing. She helped me find my soul purpose and my restlessness was gone .I did a meditation course with her which helped me remain calm . I started talking to myself which helped me self -suggest . She’s a wonderful person and I have seen her helping so many people.She’s an Angel. 





I feel so fortunate and blessed to have met Ashtar Tashi on my recent trip to India. 

Just being with her was calming and I felt in presence of someone very special! 

I was amazed when she instantly picked on my confused state of mind and literally read my thoughts! 

She guided me to find the strength within me to let go of all that was pulling me down, to accept what is real in life and move on towards more positive and confident future! 

Tashi is a most gifted and wonderful soul! Meeting her has been an immensely uplifting and liberating experience for me. 

I look forward to continuing on this wonderful journey of life with her deep understanding of it and her regular spiritual guidance. 

Thank you so much Tashi! 



Mr. Vikram Sahgal


I was battling a personal issue, a personal crisis of confusion and lack of clarity around a certain situation. Around this time i happened to come across an online article on Ashtar. Read it, and felt like I should meet her. And I’m glad I did ! She helped me release so many unwanted thought patterns and belief systems which i couldn’t do myself because I was so emotionally involved in the situation. Also her gift to make you the see  the larger picture of ur life and ur soul purpose to be here makes u view life from a very positive perspective. The most amazing thing about her is her refreshing honesty and the ability to call a spade a spade without letting u feel hopeless. She leads u like a strong n loving mentor through the maze. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to realize the best of their  potential in any aspect of their life.



Dear Tashi,

Today will thank you firstly for giving me a chance to write for you something that everyone can read. When I met you, you advised me to write…so why not start by writing something for you.

I had read somewhere, every single person comes in your life either to a part of it or to teach you but you came with an combo offer….to teach me, to enhance my soul and to be in my life for ever as I am not going to let you go. Anyone reading this testimonial would be wondering who am I and why I am writing this. Well to introduce my self my name is Preeti Singh. When I first time met Tashi, I was a housewife weeping for my sorrows, crying for my daughter who passed away after 12 days of her birth….in short I  was a strong lady with tears in her eyes and feeling helpless in all ways…

I heartily thank our common friend through whom I  came in contact with Tashi. I won’t regret to admit Tashi if you wouldn’t have met me probably I would have today been counted as a mentally unstable person.  You not only helped me solve my problems but also thought me to express my feelings, encouraged me to write and also made me realise my strength. After meeting you, you  my soul has enhanced and evolved.

I felt changes in me. All for the good. And see what am I today. Today I am an employee of Mahindra Logistics Pvt. Ltd….who is strong enough to fight for herself, to take decision for self and no more crawling under the weight of my  problems. I am ready to fight always but need your support & your blessings in every walk of my life. 

And what should I wish for you…will just say what you say ‘Keep smiling. Keep shining’



Its been two to three years I have known Ashtar Tashi, and just the thought that she is there has been a blessing in it self, When we met three years ago we were really going down under financially , selling our home , business going really bad , and I was also working only for my family. Tashi gave an insight as to how to change a few patterns in our life and we got back on our feet pretty quickly after that , this year again was a struggle for my husband big time but with so much positivity from her side , and the way she takes us through this journey called life , has gotten our hopes soaring high again and I know for certain everything will work out very soon. Just meeting Ashtar Tashi itself, and talking with her solves everything for me ,which is such a positive way of living I feel, and thank her so much for giving me and my husband this lifeline………love always.

Summit & Jagmeet Grover

Architect & Engineer, New Delhi

Ashtar Tashi,
I always think of her as an angel. She met me as a parent of my student, whom i was supposed to teach Kathak (Indian Classical Dance) but eventually ended up learning how to live my life to the fullest from her. The only session with her was like looking into a mirror; where I not only saw my strengths, my beauty, my abilities, my talent but also my weaknesses. She was the one who told me ‘its ok to be weak, “Change achhaa hotaa hai. Hamesha perfect rehke bore ho jaaogi.” :))
(loosely translated that means, “its ok to be weak. Change is good for you. you will get bored of being perfect all the time!”)
I remember this almost everyday, enjoying every ‘change’ in my life… 🙂
Ashtar Tashi, if it wasn’t for you, I would have been somebody else. Probably I would not have not been here in this world to write this…..

Will always love you..

Sukhada Khandkekar

Psychologist, Dancer & Actress, Mumbai

Malini Ramani

Well-Known Fashion Designer New Delhi

The very first moment I saw Ashtar Tashi, I knew she is someone very special! We connected with each other immediately, and that was 8 years ago, when we lived in Pune. Ever since, she has been a guiding light in our lives, across the oceans. She goes out of her way to reach out to us in many kind and generous ways. I always look forward to her fortnightly Goddess forecast videos. They give us a lot of optimism and focus during challenging times, and keep us working towards our greater mission. Thanks you, Ashtar Tashi, for being there for us whenever you are needed the most! 


Counsellor & Hypnotherapist, Singapore